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Camera: SONY DSC-H55
Aperture: f/3.5
Exposure: 1/30th
Focal Length: 4mm
Exif Data Zoom Me after work. I have my sleepy face on. 
04.01.12 ♥ 2

So I have amazing friends…

Just went to my friend Rachel’s wedding/kitchen shower. I had a blast!! Rachel’s Mom, Sister and her maid of honor: Miss Mica, all went through a lot to make this day just perfect for her. It was such a great experience. 

Afterwards I was on my way out the door when I got a text from another one of my friends. She told me she was changing her basic gym membership to a premium one so that I can go whenever she does. Yay for the buddy system. With her on my side, my fiance keeping up with the clean eating and hopefully Rachel and I going to our yoga classes, I should well be on the road to my healthy and fit lifestyle.  

03.03.12 ♥ 2
Going out to eat tonight. Being a good girl though and being healthy, don’t worry!
11.05.11 ♥ 4
11.01.11 ♥ 4
Jessica Hamby as lil Red Riding Hood for Halloween!
10.29.11 ♥ 1

I had one of the most stressful days I have ever experienced.

I screwed things up really bad with a potential job. Someone was fighting really hard to help get me a out…  I wasn’t able to finish the questionnaire so the application didn’t go through. I didn’t even know that the person trying to help me took their own time out of their day to email several people then sit and have coffee with one of the hiring supervisors. She wanted to look over my “Nonexistent application.” She searched forever for my name and nothing came up. This person is a friend of my parents and now my parents are really pissed off with me. My phone is broken, so I had no way of contacting her. Everyone has been getting on my ass as if I haven’t been doing anything. I have been trying so hard to get a job and the one I could have gotten I messed up. But as for the other hundreds of apps they go unnoticed. I try contacting these people but my parents just dont understand that for every 3 positions there are at least 60-70 people applying for the same thing. My uncle is upset with me, my parents, I already know that I need a job. I have no gas, haven’t driven my car in over a week, can’t pay for my phone bill let alone a new phone, I need my own place and can’t even get started at saving. Life is just really rough right now. I hate being so depressed because I end up sleeping during the day which wastes more time and ends up making me even more depressed. It’s a never ending cycle.

Sorry for the rant. I had to vent some way. Tomorrow will be better though. Im going to workout really hard and release this pent up stress. Then I am going to apply for a ton of jobs and call my contacts. 

10.28.11 ♥ 2

So it’s kind of a love hate thing.

I’m starting to gain weight, but I am toning…

I hate seeing the number go up..and this has happened to me before, so I thought today I would be prepared.  I ended up measuring my Bust, waist, hips, thighs, arms and calves. 

The thing is I gained weight but lost an inch in Bust, Waist, Arms, Thighs. My calves and hips are still the same but everything else is a little more toned. 

Like I said, Its kind of a LOVE/ hate kind of thing.

Yay for progress though.

10.25.11 ♥ 2
Yummy. Salad for dinner. 
10.24.11 ♥ 2

My boyfriend just said “Morning Lovely” and even though he calls me that a lot, I can’t stop smiling.

10.16.11 ♥ 2

Job orientation today to be a wellness coach. Helppp.

I have no idea what to expect. This job almost sounds too good to be true. I get to coach people about nutrition and healthy life styles. I book the appointments, give them the check up, talk about the there Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR); the number of calories you’d burn if they rested all day, then suggest what there calorie intake should be, how much protein they should get how to accomplish their goals.

The only catch is in order for me to make money, I sell them our products. It’s a healthy diet that replaces to meals with their smoothies. Then gives them the chance to pick their two snacks and last healthy meal of their choice. And help design a workout plan. The results are their, I even know several people who have met their goals (Ladies loosing weight and guys with sexy muscles.) One of my friends has dropped from 150 lbs to 120 of toned lean muscles.

I’ am myself starting the diet, but I want to be able to help people without selling products to them. I want people to trust me, not think I am trying to scam them, so their lies the challenge. The thing that gives me hope is that the Wellness Depot is planning on opening 300 locations in my area, the next location is going to be run by all personal trainers at local gyms. The one I work at is very popular and a lot of people go to the club to drink their smoothies in person or buy the smoothies in bulk. There are 35 different flavors at the club and several available in a package. 

What do you think I should do? It’s part time and a good way to help people get healthy and coach them about nutrition. If anything I can help people learn about the stuff for free, and they dont have to buy the products, just take the advice…..but should I take the job?

10.15.11 ♥ 24
Hey ladies,
Just wanted to show you a new product I bought. This is a Rimmel London eyeshadow color called  ”Stir It Up”. I absolutely love the way is blends the metallic purple and blue. The shimmery look is beautiful. I would definitely recommend this color to any one who wants a Night Club look. (Just be careful opening it can be messy when your first break the seal…other than that, I am in love.)
10.14.11 ♥ 1

Boyfriend and I are thinking about trying to sell things on Ebay.

Both of us are looking forward to saving up money together. And we figured why not try and use our resources and apply it to a website in which we could get money. We have several ideas of different things to do. I think this could be pretty legit. We have been talking about goals lately and he makes me so happy, so I realized that if we work together we can really save a lot. It’s time to make changes in our lives and I am so happy that he is here supporting me. Love you babe.


10.13.11 ♥ 3

Worked out today. Going to a Fat/ Calorie Burning Pilates class tomorrow!!

Today was an easy cardio day…. Did a lot but did’t over due it since it’s my first time back in the gym in a while. Overall: Goood kick ass workout.

-Elliptical: Intervals of high intensity/ low intensity every other 30 seconds. (15 mins)

-Treadmill: Intervals of 3.4 to 6.5 speed, going up and down hills as low as “3” and the two highest hills being “18.5” (15 mins of hardcore sweating) Those hills are intense even with slow speeds.

-Stepper: Focus oh crossover side steps on both right side and left (10 mins)

-Ab Moves (50)

Can’t wait till class. I heard the combination of cardio and pilates is oriented towards maximum calorie burn.

10.13.11 ♥ 13
Put on my new makeup so my boyfriend can see…He can see the other half tomorrow. <3
10.13.11 ♥ 4

Eating healthy today. I have my wellness appointment on Friday and I want my results to improve before then. Wish me luck!!! <3

10.12.11 ♥ 0