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I know several people have been asking me to keep a food log along with a workout journal. So here it is:


CW: 145 

Breakfast: An egg over easy, a tomato with red wine vinegar and a glass of water =200 cal

Meal #2: Kashi cereal with non fat milk =160 cal

Meal #3: Salmon and hummus on whole wheat pita and a bottle of water= 300 cal

Meal #4: Turkey burger on whole wheat bun =400 cal

Snack- Cookies and Cream whey milk shake and an apple =250 calories

Snack- was going to eat but then realized how much I had haha so settled for a bottle of water.

Today I went to the gym and did 2.8 miles and got a pretty good sweat. 

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She is so pretty. Idol.
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Random fitness tidbit:

On average jumping rope can burn about 11 calories per min. If you kick it up a notch you can burn up to an average of 20 calories per min. 

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Men’s Fitness Day!
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My workout today.

Today I worked out prettty hard. First I went to an “AbSolution” class. Where it focused of lower back and core. It was pretty tough for the most part but I did every single move for as many of the reps that I can do. Then after I did a little bit of weights then ran 2 miles on the treadmill. I was shooting for the 3 mile mark but had to get a tissue for my nose and of course all the treadmills were taken when I got back. So then I did 1 mile on an elliptical. I guess it was better than forgetting that last mile all together.

Overall: Really good workout. 

Tomorrow I believe I am running with one of my bestfriends for about 2 miles then meeting my fiance at the gym. 

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3 miles!

I forgot to mention… the other day I ran (run/ walk intervals) 3 miles for the first time in several years. The first mile was okay, the second was really hard but surprisingly the third went by really fast and was a lot easier. 

Today was abs day and did 20 mins of a core workout including the Jackie Warner Crunchless abs, the did some stretches.

Tomorrow going to the gym with one of my best friends and my fiance. My goal for tomorrow is to:

Warm up by running a mile

30 mins of weight training

20 mins cardio 

15 mins of abs

For a total of an hour and 15 mins at the gym

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We all have our weaknesses. Getting rid of it can help us lose weight.

Mine happens to be sugar. I decided to not eat any excess or processed sugar for three days. Let me tell you it is so hard to do. It’s crazy how bad I start to crave it. I almost messed up so many times already…but by accident. The thing is I keep catching myself reach over to grab some chocolate, candy or to go out and buy a smoothie out of HABIT!! It’s just second nature to me. Now that I am put to the test and tell myself it is only three days, I start off strong but then by the middle of the day those habits are trying to bite me in the ass. So instead of eating processed sugars I am finding substitutes. (By “excess” sugar I am referring to anything that has more than 3 grams of sugar. Soda, candy, desserts and just for these three days fruits. When the three days are over I am cleaning up my eating choices and trying to stick to more natural sugars found in raw fruits. Then when I do have other sugary things it will be in moderation and will not happen to often. 

After just one full day of no “excess” sugar I can already feel the results. I dropped a pound of bloat, my tummy feels tighter, my face isn’t as chubby and my goals feel like GOALS rather than  just wishes. They feel like something I can actually accomplish if I stick to it.

So I encourage of you to just try cutting out your weaknesses for a couple of days just to see how you feel, whether it’s sugar, carbs, sodium, starch, soda or whatever just give it a try. Just remember to be healthy, safe, and strong.

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